Definition of call-out in English:



  • 1An instance of being summoned to deal with an emergency or do repairs.

    as modifier ‘a call-out charge’
    • ‘He said they received an emergency call-out for windows to be boarded up and other repairs before any further problems at the site.’
    • ‘The Rural Doctors Association of WA is not entirely satisfied with the $1000 a week allowance made for emergency call-outs.’
    • ‘There were 1,047 emergency call-outs and the charity rescued 833 wild creatures with 598 being released unharmed or set free after treatment.’
    • ‘Currently, a pool containing around six medical professionals a mix of doctors and nurses is on call in Swindon at nights and weekends, ready to respond to emergency call-outs.’
    • ‘The trend is highlighted in a survey by windscreen company Autoglass which each year compiles a list of the number of call-outs to repair car windows all over the country.’
    • ‘He had worked late and, according to a colleague, was always ‘eager’ to assist with emergency call-outs.’
    • ‘The driver of a fire engine involved in a fatal road accident had not been properly trained to drive through red lights on emergency call-outs.’
    • ‘Thanks in part to a wetter summer, emergency call-outs were kept low during the middle of 2002.’
    • ‘Housing bosses have offered gift tokens to staff to encourage them to cut the number of emergency call-outs being booked.’
    • ‘I also note that speed humps mean fewer crashes and so fewer call-outs for the emergency services.’
    • ‘I had the privilege then to join the Cork city fire service on an emergency call-out.’
    • ‘A fire alarm in a property in the street sparked the emergency call-out, but upon arriving at the scene it became clear there was no fire.’
    • ‘We have agreed to pay the call-out charge and we are meeting with them in the future to discuss protocol for any other similar situations.’
    • ‘With funding for stations nationwide limited, the Fire Service has had a long-standing policy to charge for call-outs to commercial or private property.’
    • ‘These delayed discharges are resulting in serious problems such as cancelled operations, longer trolley waits in accident and emergency departments and delays to ambulances attending call-outs.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the ambulance services in Limerick got off to a busy start to the New Year having to deal with up to 50 call-outs, which were mainly alcohol-related.’
    • ‘Our time is wasted attending hoax call-outs and obviously can be better spent responding to genuine emergencies.’
    • ‘Like her regular paramedic colleagues, Mrs Seddon attends all categories of call-outs, and can cover a life-or-death emergency.’
    • ‘Since January 1998 firefighters in Northern Ireland have dealt with 1,749 civil disturbance call-outs.’
    • ‘Our bomb squad is very adept at dealing with these, and has many similar types of call-outs all over the city like this about suspicious packages.’
  • 2Printing
    A letter, word, number, or symbol identifying an illustration or a specific part of one.

    1. 2.1A short piece of text set in larger type than the rest of the page and intended to attract attention.