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call sign

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(also call signal)
  • A message, code, or tune that is broadcast by radio to identify the broadcaster or transmitter.

    ‘the brief jingle of the station's call sign sounded’
    • ‘This was the call sign of a Hamburg radio station which broadcast nightly news bulletins in English to the British people.’
    • ‘The vocal quality of the kookaburra gave it the gig as the original call sign for Radio Australia in the days of short wave broadcasting.’
    • ‘The FM radio decode feature uses radio data system information to relay the station call sign, song title, or artist, for display on the PC monitor.’
    • ‘The museum will have its own call sign and visitors will be able to speak to other radio amateurs all over the world.’
    • ‘It was supposed to send out a call sign in the form of a nine-note ‘tune’ composed by members of the pop group Blur.’
    • ‘They monitored what sounded like a Mayday call from someone using the call sign of ‘Crest 45A.’’
    • ‘A special call sign was allocated and the station was active from 8am to 6pm.’
    • ‘His e - mail address, amateur radio call sign and later entries assign him to the UK.’
    • ‘It turns out one long running problem has been caused by the team leader having one radio call sign, and each safety boat having one.’
    • ‘The one I remember best was a brown and white four seater with the call signal 7640 - Papa.’
    • ‘Since the crew of Banger 602 had been using the formation call sign of Banger 1 all day, they inadvertently had answered the controller's instructions, using Banger 601 instead of 602.’
    • ‘Every craft that leaves the atmosphere is assigned a call sign.’
    • ‘Loki - the Norse god of mischief and the call sign for the 932nd Air Control Squadron - has watched 250,000 square miles of airspace in and around Iceland for 50 years.’
    • ‘Rescue efforts were ongoing, and rescuers had established contact with the pilot and the weapon systems officer using their call sign, Jackal 33.’
    • ‘‘Oh, and one more thing,’ Max said, acting more alive than ever, ‘My call sign is Phoenix Shadow.’’
    • ‘Our fears that we had confused a similar call sign with clearance to break for our own takeoff clearance began to grow.’
    • ‘They knew it was there because they had been using the call sign that British Airways uses when they communicate with the control center.’
    • ‘The call sign Juliet Golf Oscar followed by a flight number belongs, says the ICAO, to a now bankrupt Canadian low-cost airline called Jetsgo of Montreal.’
    • ‘For instance, each marine is assigned a quick call sign that represents their unique responsibility within the team.’
    • ‘Joe Barrett may be the name on his driver's license, but he is known only by his call sign, ‘Rocketman.’’


call sign

/ˈkôl ˌsīn/ /ˈkɔl ˌsaɪn/