Definition of cambozola in English:



(also cambazola)
  • A type of German blue soft cheese with a rind like Camembert, produced using Gorgonzola blue mold.

    ‘For appetizers, we ordered the poached snails on barley rusks in a delicious cream sauce of apple juice, herbs, garlic and shallots, with cambazola cheese, red wine and sweet, oven-dried wine grapes.’
    • ‘The meat was tender and tasty, and the slivers of cambazola cheese melted on top were a touch of genius.’
    • ‘We also noted such delicacies as pastrami and cambozola with walnuts at £2.75 or £3.25 in a baguette.’
    • ‘Cambozola Cheese is a cross between blue cheese and Camembert.’
    • ‘So when I saw a wedge of Cambozola I decided to take the risk again, since it looked like a good soft cheese with blue veins of mold’



/ˌkambəˈzōlə/ /ˌkæmbəˈzoʊlə/


1980s an invented name, blend of Camembert and Gorgonzola, with the insertion of -bo-.