Definition of camcorder in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkamˌkôrdər/ /ˈkæmˌkɔrdər/


  • A portable combined video camera and video recorder.

    • ‘The newest form of digital video cameras are DVD camcorders.’
    • ‘Digital video camcorders take the analog information in the video camera and then translate it into bytes of data.’
    • ‘Older analog camcorders only had optical zoom, but new digital video cameras have both optical and digital zoom.’
    • ‘Sony aims to sell 15 million digital cameras and 7 million camcorders this business year.’
    • ‘Camera phones and camcorders from Samsung Electronics may be able to take even sharper images soon.’
    • ‘The fuel cell, about the same size as a standard rechargeable camcorder battery, was used to operate a camcorder.’
    • ‘Much of what is written also applies to using digital video camcorders.’
    • ‘Dixons said its retail division had strong sales in mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, and PC peripherals.’
    • ‘But when you set out to capture moments, digital cameras and camcorders win hands down.’
    • ‘A bus pulls up and tourists step out, armed with camcorders and digital cameras.’
    • ‘Digital cameras and camcorders are well catered for, with installation wizards and simple editing software.’
    • ‘They hope a battery of digital cameras and camcorders will capture evidence of the paranormal.’
    • ‘They also confiscated his camcorder, the third time courts had taken video cameras off him for similar actions.’
    • ‘However, many of the moments that are captured by camcorders are once-in-a-lifetime and can't be replicated if the disc fails.’
    • ‘I remember the growth of video recorders through a recession and camcorders through another recession.’
    • ‘There are monthly draws for camcorders, DVD players and televisions.’
    • ‘Schools were supplied with a digital camcorder, tripod, microphone and video editing equipment.’
    • ‘It also operates as a digital camcorder, with up to three minutes of continuous video, and may be used as a PC Camera.’
    • ‘New, tiny digital camcorders make it easier than ever.’
    • ‘The first tour bus of the year has already visited the resort and a number of the passengers made a beeline to the Market Street Car Park armed with their camcorders and cameras.’


1980s blend of camera and recorder.



/ˈkamˌkôrdər/ /ˈkæmˌkɔrdər/