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  • An Italian bell tower, especially a freestanding one.

    ‘The entrance is marked by several external features including a silver cross, and a campanile with exposed bells - the tower marking out both the church to the south and the community centre to the north.’
    • ‘In a clearing in the forested slopes of the Seetaler Alps in Styria there is a most graceful tower - a campanile.’
    • ‘The campanile is a one-hundred-sixty-foot-tall bell tower with exposed concrete walls.’
    • ‘Harmonious sound is brought to life in the piazza daily by the bells of the campanile, to which the Loggetta is attached.’
    • ‘Her husband, Edgar, donated the first bells of the campanile in her memory in 1895.’
    • ‘The final lesson of the campanile was that towers were best seen as a whole.’
    • ‘A 90-foot- high tower houses the main stair and continues the school's tradition of punctuating the campus skyline with campaniles.’
    • ‘The round Basilica of the Superga has a two-conched cupola in the style of Michelangelo, flanked by two tall asymmetrical campaniles.’
    • ‘Conventional Christian symbolism seems curiously played down - a handful of crosses, a pilgrimage way and a minimal campanile - but this seems in keeping with the project's deeper mystical undercurrents.’
    • ‘Two heated timber decks indicate the places of the priest and congregation and a clock salvaged from the 1963 chapel hangs in the skeletal campanile.’
    • ‘The additional members are accommodated on the public space outside which is pinned down by the thin, tall concrete planes of the campanile.’
    • ‘La Trinité was a Second Empire church designed for a fashionable congregation, with theatrical decoration and a porch campanile.’
    • ‘On a moonlit winter evening, as the shore approaches, the town lays itself out beneath an electric halo, the Church of Saint-Joseph lifting its lighthouse-like campanile majestically behind.’
    • ‘The base of the steeple in face brick, is surmounted by a circular campanile of columns which house the carillon system.’
    • ‘His revolutionary conception of sculpture is first exemplified in the great series of standing and seated figures for the niches of Or San Michele and for the façades of Florence Cathedral and the campanile.’
    • ‘The countryside of Bresse in Burgundy is not the usual place to find a Spanish-style castle, an El Dorado in miniature, complete with Castilian campaniles, arches, and Spanish occupants, constructed lovingly out of concrete.’
    • ‘Following the program, there will be open houses at the campanile, Farm House Museum, Child Development Lab School in the Palmer Building and University Book Store.’
    • ‘The event will begin with a short outdoor program north of the campanile and continue with events in the Memorial Union.’
    • ‘Although the story is likely apocryphal, it is said that Galileo dropped balls of various weights from the top of the campanile to prove his new view of gravity.’
    • ‘The two events announce themselves with clarity and precision, like a campanile knelling the final hour of the day.’
    spire, church tower, tower, bell tower, belfry



/ˌkampəˈnēl(ē)/ /ˌkæmpəˈnil(i)/


Mid 17th century from Italian, from campana ‘bell’.