Definition of camphor tree in English:

camphor tree


  • An East Asian tree of the laurel family, the chief natural source of camphor.

    Cinnamomum camphora, family Lauraceae

    • ‘The most striking objects at the site, however, are the nine boat-shaped caskets, each carved from a single trunk of a camphor tree.’
    • ‘You can see a camphor tree believed to be over 1,400 years old in the middle of the wall and have a cup of tea in a stall on the mountain.’
    • ‘Dad encourages Satsuki and Mei to show their respect for the great camphor tree and the spirits it holds.’
    • ‘Of course, while the town has prospered, the local camphor tree population has dwindled.’
    • ‘The zhangshu, or camphor tree, was a highly valued cash crop in Fujian throughout the republican period.’
    • ‘A tall and flourishing camphor tree of 500 years old is believed to bless the village.’
    • ‘The area, covering 40,000 square metres, will have about 1,500 trees of various kinds including camphor trees, magnolia and pointed zelkova.’
    • ‘The wood for the sculptures came from juniper and camphor trees which were uprooted during typhoons last year and sent drifting on the ocean near Hualien and Taitung.’
    • ‘While the Arboretum contains trees from all over the world, including date palms, camphor trees from Japan, Mexican Cyprus, wellingtonia from California.’
    • ‘Within the grounds of the hotel there are many huge trees, among them 44 camphor trees that are more than 300 years old.’
    • ‘In protest, the society built tree houses in the two camphor trees to prevent them from being transplanted.’
    • ‘The yard is surrounded by luxuriantly green camphor trees, which isolates it from the noise on bustling nearby Huaihai Zhonglu.’
    • ‘The previous factory used to boast a road lined with camphor trees, whose crowns shaded the whole road.’
    • ‘We have two large camphor trees on our property.’
    • ‘Forestry workers in east China's Jiangxi province have found an extremely large camphor tree, believed to be over 2,000 years old.’