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nounplural noun campos

  • 1usually the campo(in South America, especially Brazil) a grass plain with occasional stunted trees.

    ‘I spent months visiting our rural communities in the campo’
    • ‘South of this are the Mato Grosso with its grassland plateau and the campos, mountain plateaux intersected by deep river valleys.’
    • ‘Family farms, campos, and swaths of countryside are being seized and decimated.’
    grassland, flatland, lowland, pasture, meadowland, open country, prairie, savannah, steppe
  • 2A square in an Italian or Spanish town.

    ‘There are several banks near the campo in Piazza Tolomei, and include Banchi di Sotto and Via di Citta.’
    • ‘There are thousands of people packed into the campo even for the trial races-- it's amazing.’
    • ‘Near the Campo we had to walk our bikes as the streets were packed with all of the locals and tourists who had arrived for the celebrations.’
    • ‘By then, we'd worked up an appetite and had a lovely dinner, again near the Campo.’
    • ‘The nearby Campo was filled with bars and restaurants and the streets surrounding it are lined with clothing stores and trendy shops.’



/ˈkampō/ /ˈkæmpoʊ/


From Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian campo, literally ‘field’.