Definition of cane toad in English:

cane toad

Pronunciation /kān tōd/ /keɪn toʊd/


  • A large brown toad native to tropical America. It has been introduced elsewhere as a pest control agent but can become a serious pest itself, partly because animals eating it are killed by its toxins.

    Also called marine toad, giant toad

    Bufo marinus, family Bufonidae

    ‘Small, warty, and armed with a poison strong enough to kill crocodiles, the cane toad is generally regarded as a blight on the Australian landscape.’
    • ‘The cane toad is native to the American tropics and was deliberately introduced as a biocontrol agent between the middle of the 19th and 20th centuries in numerous islands of the Caribbean and the Pacific.’
    • ‘Another Australian biocontrol attempt gone awry entailed the release of the cane toad to control beetles that were harming sugarcane crops.’
    • ‘Animals picking up a cane toad and receiving a dose of venom may die within fifteen minutes.’
    • ‘As mining and tourism expand, the cane toad encroaches and turtles decline.’