Definition of cannelure in English:



  • A groove around the cylindrical part of a bullet.

    ‘This bullet does not have a cannelure or crimp groove and Speer warns us it was never intended for the maximum pressures of the .500 S&W.’
    • ‘Both CorBon and Hornady have factory ammo, brass will be available from Starline and there are already quite a few suitable .45 bullets with cannelures for crimping.’
    • ‘This bullet, as all other Nosler bullets, has a cannelure that is higher on the bullet than most of those found on the jackets of other manufacturers' bullets.’
    • ‘Bullets chosen, all of which have proven in the past to have a cannelure located for the proper OAL for the Marlin 1895 action, were Hornady's 300 gr.’
    • ‘The gun worked just fine until I happened to shoot some ammo that had a case cannelure and then it wouldn't work at all because the cannelure caught on the rough spot every time.’



/ˈkanlˌ(y)o͞oər/ /ˈkænlˌ(j)uər/


Mid 18th century from French, from canneler ‘provide with a channel’, from canne ‘reed, cane’.