Definition of cannoli in English:


plural noun

North American
  • A dessert consisting of small deep-fried pastry tubes with a creamy filling, typically of sweetened ricotta cheese.

    • ‘The Sicilians are also known for their desserts, including their gelato Siciliano (Sicilian ice cream) and cannoli, a fried pastry stuffed with ricotta cheese and candied fruit.’
    • ‘We were on our way to Film Forum for a festival of Westerns, but first we stopped into Rocco's pastry shop for some cannoli.’
    • ‘And friends of mine swear by the dense, super-sweet cannoli at Nicolosi Pastry Shop in Encino.’
    • ‘Then we walked uptown to the EV, and then had some cannoli and coffee, followed by a trip to St. Mark's Books.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that the portions are hearty enough for an athlete, so make sure to leave some space for dessert at the end of the meal - possibly the best cannoli I've ever had.’


Italian, from canna ‘reed’.