Definition of Cantabrigian in English:



  • Relating to Cambridge (in England) or Cambridge University.

    ‘In the nineteenth century, publishers cranked out endless streams of literary and semi-scientific ramblings by Oxonian and Cantabrigian dons with too much time on their hands.’
    ‘These are Cantabrigian stories, told with a firm awareness of a wider British backdrop.’


  • A member of Cambridge University.

    • ‘If you happen to be a fellow Bostonian or Cantabrigian, then get in touch with chapter President Ronan Wolfsdorf find out what we're up to.’
    • ‘The group that has, for the last couple of years, straggled so far behind its Cantabrigian and Dunelmian (yes, it's a word) counterparts that we would consider ourselves lucky to choke on their dust.’
    • ‘Lubenow adheres to a dry empiricism and rigorous abstention from overt theory which he deems appropriately Cantabrigian and Apostolic.’


Mid 16th century from Latin Cantabrigia(see Cambridge (sense 1) + -ian).