Definition of canthus in English:


nounplural noun canthi/-ˌTHī/ /-ˌTHē/

  • The outer or inner corner of the eye, where the upper and lower lids meet.

    ‘Systemic effects from eye drops can be reduced by occlusion of the punctum (finger pressed on the caruncle, which is felt as a lump at the inner canthus of the eye) or shutting the eyes for several minutes after putting in the drops.’
    • ‘A 25-year-old male presented himself to our outpatient department with increasing non-painful swelling below the medial canthus of the right eye since six months.’
    • ‘Features of a severe case include palpebral redness and swelling, obvious congestion of bulbar conjunctiva possibly accompanied with petechial hemorrhages and increase of mucus secretions at the inner canthus.’
    • ‘The eye movements (electro-oculograms [EOGs]) were monitored by electrodes placed superorbitally and over the outer canthus of the left eye.’
    • ‘Additional electrodes were placed at the outer canthus of each eye to obtain the subject's EOG, which was used to facilitate artifact scoring.’



/ˈkanTHəs/ /ˈkænθəs/


Mid 17th century from Latin, from Greek kanthos.