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(also British capitalisation)
  • 1Finance
    The provision of capital for a company, or the conversion of income or assets into capital.

    ‘Most important is the idea that the value of an asset is the capitalization of the stream of future services expected to be thrown off by the asset.’
    • ‘The second method makes use of the capitalization of annual income earned from British financial and real investment abroad.’
    • ‘Industry sources said the startup will hire as many as 100 people and have an initial capitalization of $3540 million.’
    • ‘Its capitalization is minuscule, maybe about $20 billion to $30 billion.’
  • 2The action of writing or printing in capital letters or with an initial capital.

    ‘Specifically, if the capitalization of the initial letter of nouns serves as a cue for word class, it should affect structural extraction and thereby the missing-letter effect.’
    • ‘An irregular capitalization of the initial letter is assumed to activate wrong lexical units and therefore slows down word identification.’
    • ‘The capitalization reduces the top inscription to its barest signification, equating Morrison's name directly with her prize.’
    • ‘I'm the dork that writes with capitalizations and punctuation even when writing instant messages.’
    • ‘If Sonic Youth and the Velvet Underground had never happened, then ‘roll, Spirit, roll’ (their dodgy capitalization, not mine) probably wouldn't have either.’
    • ‘The random capitalization and numbering of the word is what is affectionately known as ‘HAXXOR’ speak, and is used mostly by kids online as a way to psudo-code their correspondence.’
    • ‘The many infelicities of language are distracting and far too many spelling mistakes and peculiar capitalisations got past the editors.’
    • ‘I shall refrain from unwarranted capitalisations in the middle of sentences.’
    • ‘But i'm rambling again and my capitalisation's gone all funky, so I'll shut up now…’
    • ‘On capitalisation, I have nothing whatever to add to the thousands, probably tens of thousands of learned and not-so-learned papers on the subject.’
    • ‘You got the RANDOM capitalisation, but it could have been so much more…’
    • ‘Jumping onto the band name wagon with another post, Mark took issue not with the number of definites, but with the capitalization of the prefinal one: he prescribes the The or the the The, and cites as evidence the band's logo.’
    • ‘The emphatic capitalization of the ‘Me’ illustrates the dativus ethicus, the so-called ‘ethical dative.’’
    • ‘By default, both vi and Vim won't match anywhere in the text where the capitalization isn't exactly the same as the search pattern you entered; however, we can change this default behavior.’
    • ‘Update #2: several people wrote in to point out that Kiesling explains his capitalization explicitly in a footnote.’
    • ‘I regularize the capitalization etc. of the original.’
    • ‘Note the capitalization of ‘Racial Groups’ --the categories of Otherness implied by this umbrella term are themselves subsumed by the exaltation of the metacategory.’
    • ‘The present experiments aimed to explore with the letter-detection task whether the capitalization of nouns in German fulfills a specific role in the extraction of sentential structure.’
    • ‘The capitalization of ‘True’ and ‘False’ implies that these attributes are assessments of some authority.’
    • ‘However, as already pointed out, function words (but not nouns) in German have a different capitalization depending on their position within the sentence.’



/ˌkapədələˈzāSH(ə)n/ /ˌkæpədələˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌkapədlˌīˈzāSH(ə)n/ /ˌkæpədlˌaɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/