Definition of capitular in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈpiCHələr/ /kəˈpɪtʃələr/


  • 1Relating to a cathedral chapter.

    ‘an eminently qualified capitular candidate’
    • ‘Cathedrals which were not monastic foundations, and collegiate churches, were served by secular clergy, the canons or prebendaries, who constituted the capitular body or chapter.’
    • ‘It is very probable that the origin of the capitular body may be found in the bishop's household, his familia, as it existed in patristic times.’
    • ‘Let some suitable remuneration be paid him out of the episcopal or capitular revenue.’
  • 2Anatomy Biology
    Relating to a capitulum.

    ‘The medullar filaments terminate as a bundle of 1-4 - cm capitular filamerits above the thallus, thereby forming the brushy cap from which Penicillus derives its name.’
    • ‘A second sample of 50 randomly chosen achenes of each capitular type was used to determine achene weight, achene dimensions and pappus length.’
    • ‘The aragonite needles ranged from 1 to 4 m in length and were bundled in apparently random arrangements in a 10-m-thick zone between the outer walls of the capitular, medular, and cortical filaments.’
    • ‘The Hadar hominid would have differed from most primates, in which both these vertebrae are involved in formation of the first costal capitular joint.’


Early 16th century from late Latin capitularis, from Latin capitulum ‘small head’.