Definition of cappuccino in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkapəˈCHēnō/ /ˌkæpəˈtʃinoʊ/


  • Coffee made with milk that has been frothed up with pressurized steam.

    • ‘They sipped their espressos and cappuccinos from the coffee shop next door that was practically part of the theatre.’
    • ‘I don't care though, since I use my dark coffee for lattes and cappuccinos anyway.’
    • ‘The blends, all from Arabica beans, are fine when mixed with milk in lattes and cappuccinos.’
    • ‘Where smoke was concerned, he was like a person who ate the froth from a cappuccino, but never drank any real coffee.’
    • ‘Behind the counter employees served up fresh coffees and cappuccinos, hot chocolates and teas, all with a unique line of flavoring patented to the owners of the store.’
    • ‘The drinks are rather expensive, but are usually of good quality (if you like coffee, cappuccinos, and soda pop).’
    • ‘The menu consisted of a few beverages - some alcoholic though mainly just coffees and cappuccinos - and a dessert tray.’
    • ‘I feel so left out when, gallivanting about town, I see the happy throngs of customers queuing for lattes and mocha cappuccinos.’
    • ‘We ordered coffees, two large cappuccinos at £1.65 each.’
    • ‘Their church served donuts, cappuccinos, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea.’
    • ‘We were sitting in a coffee shop, sipping cappuccinos and eating pastries.’
    • ‘Breakfast is available in the morning as well as light snacks, coffees, cappuccinos and teas throughout the day.’
    • ‘The froth of their decaffeinated cappuccinos seemed to flutter aerobically in the light breeze.’
    • ‘Worth a trip if only to sample the cappuccino in the coffee shop!’
    • ‘Stuart's final words were to compare the match to a cappuccino - all froth and no substance.’
    • ‘The muffins are homemade (the low-fat raspberry and the lemon and poppyseed are standouts), and the coffee, especially lattés and cappuccinos, is fabulous.’
    • ‘They have all the expected coffee combos - the lattes, cappuccinos and all sorts of stuff to squirt in them.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the price of the cappuccinos and lattes in the high street coffee bars, and of coffee on the supermarket shelves, remains as high as ever.’
    • ‘Three caffeinated cappuccinos, one decaf, one soy latte, a hot chocolate and a caramel-flavored iced latte!’
    • ‘During my day-shifts, in between making countless cappuccinos and lattes, I would talk to the customers and ask them what they do.’


From Italian, literally ‘Capuchin’, because its color resembles that of a Capuchin's habit.



/ˌkapəˈCHēnō/ /ˌkæpəˈtʃinoʊ/