Definition of carabiner in English:



(also karabiner)
  • A coupling link with a safety closure, used by rock climbers.

    ‘The Rock Climbing Section minimized rope burn while rappelling (then called ‘roping down’) by feeding the rope through a carabiner, a metal link attached to their gear.’
    • ‘Make sure you buy a good pear-shaped locking carabiner (either screw-gate or locking-gate type).’
    • ‘Until I met these fine folks, I couldn't have told you what a crampon or carabiner was if you paid me a million dollars!’
    • ‘The woman was wearing a t-shirt, spandex shorts, a climbing harness with just one large carabiner and belay device, and her brown hair was pulled back.’
    • ‘It is amazing how I could intently focus on this little TV like screen directly in front of me tending to my hexes, carabiners, rope, hand and foot holds.’
    • ‘For toproping you'll need a climbing rope that's already run through a locking carabiner affixed to a solid anchor at the top.’
    • ‘In addition to carrying the necessary hardware (including carabiners, a set of ascenders and a pulley), each climber should have prior practice, knowledge and a plan for crevasse rescue.’
    • ‘In Trad Climbing, climbers use their own gear for protection whereas in free climbing pre-drilled bolts are clipped with carabiners.’
    • ‘Sometimes he'd open his pack to show us his collection of carabiners, pitons, and ropes.’
    • ‘You'll quickly discover that clipping, detaching, and belaying with a locking carabiner are all easier if you have webbing that's narrower, say three-quarter inch.’
    • ‘He extracted its contents: mostly climbing gear such as nylon ropes, carabiners, harness straps, pitons, etc.’
    • ‘You heard that correct, no pitons, no chocks, no carabiners, no protection to secure the ropes in the event of a fall.’
    • ‘Then I clip the loops to carabiners, connecting the rope back to itself.’
    • ‘Hanging from an overhang by a bare knuckle with not so much as a carabiner, let alone a safety net to halt your fall, I hear you gasp.’
    • ‘With our remaining money we had gone to a hunting store and bought 2 knifes, utility belts, carabiners, and other things we felt would make it easier to carry our equipment and divided them out into 3 units.’
    • ‘I watched him attach two carabiners to the anchors… ahhh more double protection… I liked how this was shaping up.’
    • ‘He should have checked his carabiners a few more times before this expedition.’
    • ‘Very early this morning, she set our ascent rope with a hundred-foot shot over a high branch from her crossbow, and now she fixes her ascenders to the anchored line and snaps them to her harness with a locking carabiner.’
    • ‘The only hitch was at the new redirect, where I managed to get myself tangled the first time I tried to reposition the carabiner below me.’
    • ‘It was at that point that it was discovered that the left strap had broken just below the carabiner.’



/ˌkerəˈbēnər/ /ˌkɛrəˈbinər/


1930s shortened from German Karabiner-haken ‘spring hook’.