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nounplural noun carabinieri/ˌkerəbəˈnyerē/ /ˌkɛrəbəˈnjɛri/

  • A member of the Italian paramilitary police.

    ‘We need to bring in the international community, like international police, gendarmerie, carabinieri, to help us.’
    • ‘Giuliano finds himself caught up in this system, and on September 2, 1943, he kills a carabinieri (a state policeman) who tried to arrest him.’
    • ‘When she insists on answering her questions from her Italian interrogators in English, she is assigned a young member of the carabinieri, Filippo, as her translator.’
    • ‘Italian officials say 11 of the dead were paramilitary police officers - known as carabinieri - and three were soldiers.’
    • ‘The Italian carabinieri overseeing investigations of a cultural nature accepted the offer.’
    • ‘Giuliano was gunned down in a shoot-out with carabinieri trying to arrest him for his involvement in the massacre of communists celebrating May Day at Portella della Ginestra in 1947.’
    • ‘The two charioteers hid their diving suits and walked into Palermo, but were promptly arrested by the carabinieri.’
    • ‘Once she's descended again, she stops at a payphone to call the secretary away from her desk on a pretense, then the carabinieri, to inform them of the explosion, now seconds away.’
    • ‘After some talk among the lawyers and the carabinieri, Dick was set free.’
    • ‘Over the last few days additional convoys were heavily guarded by carabinieri and military forces, but even they could not guarantee free passage for the trains.’
    • ‘About 150 cases of dog poisoning a year are reported to the carabinieri in Tuscany and we have personal knowledge of two tragedies involving neighbours' pets.’
    • ‘Granted his behaviour may not have been that of a peaceful protester, he was after all attacking the carabinieri, but to shoot him dead?’
    • ‘She telephones the carabinieri to tell them the bomb is about to explode, and goes quietly when they come to arrest her.’
    • ‘The carabinieri took the credit, but the mafia had had enough of Giuliano's attention-seeking.’
    • ‘The bridge is frequented by bootleggers and hawkers who are always on the look out for the carabinieri.’
    • ‘The riposte came on Wednesday from the head of the local carabinieri.’
    • ‘The entrance to the press centre is guarded by armed carabinieri and airport-style scanners.’
    • ‘The carabinieri were called and we found ourselves having to explain we were not members of the Red Brigade.’
    • ‘It was as well he had not opened it: the carabinieri found it to contain only salt water.’



/ˌkerəbəˈnyerē/ /ˌkɛrəbəˈnjɛri/


Italian, literally ‘carabineer’.