Definition of carafe in English:



  • An open-topped glass flask used for serving wine or water in a restaurant.

    ‘wine is available by glass, bottle, or carafe’
    ‘a carafe of retsina’
    • ‘On the table stood two bottles of wine and a glass carafe, all empty.’
    • ‘The wine is fairly dry and needs a little aeration to open it up, so decant into a carafe, water pitcher, etc., 30 minutes before serving.’
    • ‘All sorts of glasses are on offer, from mineral water glasses, beer draught glasses, carafes, vases, you name it; made out from different kinds of bottles.’
    • ‘We slug down carafes of water and gallons of red house wine.’
    • ‘He poured himself a glass of water from the carafe at his bedside, and then stepped into his slippers.’
    • ‘Martin orders two carafes of Sicilian malvasia wine.’
    • ‘They are quaffed in carafes in restaurants for a euro or two, and are the backbone of the fill-your-own plastic container wine shops dotted around rural France.’
    • ‘Got him a big steak for $3.95, ordered a couple of carafes of wine for $1.25 apiece.’
    • ‘Everyone was eating pizza and drinking carafes of red wine.’
    • ‘One and a half hours later and after four carafes of iced water I finished it.’
    • ‘Most up-to-date machines brew coffee directly into thermal pots, helping rid restaurants of burnt coffee, the products of sitting too long in a glass carafe on a hot plate.’
    • ‘And should all of those fail, there's the local pastis, served with ice and a carafe of water, an aniseed-flavoured wonder.’
    • ‘I recommend it wholeheartedly as a place to dip into for garlicky escargot, a carafe of wine, and now, that fantastic burger.’
    • ‘‘Some wicked person had filled the water carafe with whisky,’ he laughs.’
    • ‘The butler returned with a carafe and a glass on a tray.’
    • ‘Thompson stood silently as the two women brought out a carafe of coffee and glasses of ice cream parfait for dessert.’
    • ‘He quickly returned with a tray bearing a small carafe of absinthe, a large carafe of ice water and a box of sugar cubes.’
    • ‘Dressed in a modern lounge suit and armed only with a carafe of water, he breezes through this enormous recital without seeming to break sweat.’
    • ‘I was at a one-day meeting in Brussels and a waiter spilt a full carafe of wine over me and I had no change of clothes.’
    • ‘As if incensed candles and a carafe of rosé wine would be waiting alongside her bed.’
    flask, jug, pitcher, decanter, bottle, flagon, container, vessel, ewer, crock, urn
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Late 18th century from French, from Italian caraffa, probably based on Arabic g̣arafa ‘draw water’.



/kəˈraf/ /kəˈrɑːf/