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  • Making no net release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, especially through offsetting emissions by planting trees.

    ‘Becoming carbon-neutral by planting trees is no get-out-of-jail-free card in terms of emissions reduction.’
    • ‘His's the first carbon-neutral publishing company, planting trees to offset air travel and he's hoping to convince his readers to do the same.’
    • ‘In the U.K., the CarbonNeutral Company works with banks and building societies to offer a carbon-neutral mortgage, which provides for the planting of enough trees to cover the carbon footprint of the home and lifestyle of its occupants.’
    • ‘The client is said to be carbon-neutral or climate-neutral when its carbon assets equal its carbon emissions.’
    • ‘Chu… has begun studying termite guts - one place in nature where a key hurdle for carbon-neutral energy supply has already been solved.’
    • ‘Oberlin has called for a carbon-neutral campus by 2020.’
    • ‘But carbon-neutral energy sources are achievable.’
    • ‘If we can learn to emulate Nature's technique and create artificial versions of photosynthesis, then we, too, could effectively tap into the sun as a clean, efficient, sustainable and carbon-neutral source of energy for our technology.’
    • ‘For now, visitors to Boston can find carbon-neutral accommodations at The Lenox, a four-star hotel, and Copley Square, a three-star hotel.’
    • ‘Shanghai also claims Dongtan will be the world's first genuinely eco-friendly city, powered by renewable energy sources and as close to carbon-neutral as possible.’
    • ‘But if he really wants to encourage a transition to a sustainable carbon-neutral economy, he should leave.’
    • ‘‘The idea is to be as carbon-neutral as possible,’ said the group's spokesman.’
    • ‘According to the report, biomass provides a cost-effective and carbon-neutral source of energy that could provide 15% (from the current 1%) of the electricity demand from industrialized countries by 2020.’
    • ‘You can join in the campaign to become a carbon-neutral world.’
    • ‘Climate change will be the biggest issue of the 21st century, and instead of moaning about it we want to send the right message about energy use, reduce our impact on the environment and, eventually, become carbon-neutral.’
    • ‘The US already subsidizes farmers to grow corn to turn into ethanol, but $7bn in the past decade has been wasted because the process isn't carbon-neutral.’
    • ‘A car sharing company, FlexCar, has set a goal of being carbon-neutral.’



/ˌkärbənˈno͞otrəl/ /ˌkɑrbənˈnutrəl/