Definition of carbon black in English:

carbon black


  • A fine carbon powder used as a pigment, made by burning hydrocarbons in insufficient air.

    ‘It includes a small amount of carbon black, a fine soot, to block radiation from heating and softening the inside of the material.’
    • ‘Similar effects have been shown following inhalation of ultrafine but not fine carbon black.’
    • ‘The palette for fresco painting is traditionally restricted to earths, lime white, carbon black, ultramarine, and glass.’
    • ‘Students are taught how to make their own pigments from mineral sources such as ores, soils and carbon black.’
    • ‘This breakthrough is a new starch-based filler material which uses common corn instead of the more conventional carbon black and silica.’
    • ‘The black chunky ink sections, which are electrodes, are a combination of carbon black and a catalyst.’
    • ‘Microanalysis identified the pigments used on the chest in Plate I as Prussian blue, chrome yellow, chrome green, red oxide, and carbon black.’
    • ‘Be aware that India ink, a permanent dye, is nothing more than carbon black mixed into a solvent medium.’
    • ‘We studied polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons because black printing paint contains up to 6% carbon black dissolved in toluene.’
    • ‘A patented innovation developed at the company's Luxembourg technical centre, BioTRED partially replaces more conventional carbon black and silica.’
    • ‘The average tire consists of 43 percent oil, 42 percent carbon black, eight percent steel and seven percent gas.’
    • ‘Harriman was trying to make the point that some trademarks will fit on the Moon, which would make a great canvas for spreading carbon black on it.’
    • ‘They invented the tubeless tyre, and were the first to introduce carbon black to improve tyre strength and durability.’
    • ‘In order to improve electrical conductivity, tetracene is replaced with carbon black.’
    • ‘By using an organosilane they were able blend rubber with silica instead of the traditional carbon black.’
    • ‘This method employs swellable polymers containing carbon black to make them conductive.’
    • ‘Another great benefit of using Hankook tyres is the improved fuel efficiency, which is great for the environment and reduces carbon black emissions by up to 30 per cent.’
    • ‘Similar findings have been reported in rats at later time points, that is, 6 hours, 24 hours, and 7 days after intratracheal instillation of ultrafine carbon black particles.’
    • ‘To further characterize the immune response, we analyzed the secretion of other cytokines by A549 cells after exposure to DEPs or carbon black particles.’


carbon black

/ˈkärbən ˌblak/ /ˈkɑrbən ˌblæk/