Definition of carburize in English:


(British carburise)


[with object]
  • Add carbon to (iron or steel), in particular by heating in the presence of carbon to harden the surface.

    • ‘That is, the hardenability of the case is significantly greater when nitrogen is added by carbonitriding than when the same steel is only carburized.’
    • ‘Micro-sections of structural steels carburised for not less than 8 hours at 925°C and slowly cooled to show cementite networks are photographed at a magnification of 100.’
    • ‘In the original cooling or through subsequent heat treatment, a matrix can be internally decarbonized or carburized by depositing graphite on existing sites or by dissolving carbon from them.’
    • ‘Not only can a high-power microwave oven be used to cook food, it can be harnessed for joining, carburizing, sintering, brazing, nitriding, and annealing metal parts.’


Mid 19th century from French carbure ‘carbide’ + -ize.



/ˈkɑːbjʊrʌɪz/ /ˈkɑːbərʌɪz/