Definition of cardiopathy in English:



  • Heart disease.

    ‘A 77-year-old man with a previous history of bilateral inguinal hernias in childhood and ischemic cardiopathy presented with a history of progressive illness, including weight loss and dyspnea.’
    • ‘If further studies confirm a frequent involvement of the conduction system by carcinoid tumor, this could lead to a fuller understanding of carcinoid cardiopathy and possibly alter the clinical management of these patients.’
    • ‘A single ventricle is a rare and complex congenital cardiopathy, characterized by the presence of one ventricle, which receives two atrioventricular valves and empties into both the aorta and the pulmonary artery.’
    • ‘Carcinoid cardiopathy in the form of right-sided endocardial and valvular thickening has been well documented in the literature, and we found these features in our case as well.’
    • ‘Causes of hemoptysis in children with congenital cardiopathies, whether they undergo surgery or not, are many: extracorporeal circulation, pulmonary infections, coagulopathies, vascular disorders.’



/ˌkärdēˈäpəTHē/ /ˌkɑrdiˈɑpəθi/