Definition of cardy in English:


(also cardie)


British informal
short for cardigan
  • ‘Right… I'll just hang out here in my twin-set cardy and miniskirt and await your responses.’
  • ‘The ladies would be in colourful saris and jewels, though many donned a cardy to ward off the wind.’
  • ‘Don't wear them with a long cardie like you did with skinny jeans.’
  • ‘It works for pottering around in barefoot at home or layered up with thermals, tights and a cardie for winter workdays.’
  • ‘She wears long skirts and a shapeless cardy, reads The Bible - her dad is the local minister - and doesn't care what people think.’
  • ‘Had he not always been swathed in white robes, you could have imagined him in a cardie, pottering round his vegetable patch with his little grandson.’
  • ‘Context is everything with a cardie - it needs to be worn with panache.’
  • ‘If it's not a heatwave outside, a cardy and/or fleece, and maybe a brolly, are probably a good idea for the homeward journey.’
  • ‘Persevere with the slowish site, as puff-sleeve cardies and boleros are key pieces this season - wear with a brooch to complete your look.’
  • ‘It's all floaty layers, off-the-shoulder peasant tops and big, slouchy cardies - exactly the kind of things you want to wear on a brisk autumnal afternoon.’
  • ‘I'm a mum for goodness sake, I'm supposed to wear baggy cardies and compulsively mispronounce pop stars' names.’
  • ‘But the fabled label lost out when affordable copies of its candy-coloured cardies undercut its trade.’
  • ‘My children will be wearing slippers and cardies and getting old before me.’
  • ‘The nights are drawing in, but you may not be ready for big cardies and bowls of plum crumble just yet.’
  • ‘Because it was radio, he could presumably turn up for work in an old cardie.’
  • ‘If it is a sunny day, we may have to put on a cardie.’
  • ‘The homely cardie, unfortunately, is a necessary evil in our depressingly cold and damp northern climate.’
  • ‘He opened it a few moments later, wearing his cardie and slippers, bless his little heart.’
  • ‘On a cold day, I often long to offer them my cardie to stop them from turning blue.’
  • ‘Nicosia is a great spot for shopping, with British tourists inexplicably beating a path to Marks & Spencer and Woollies to stock up on cardies and sensible shoes.’