Definition of care package in English:

care package


North American
  • A parcel of food, money, or luxury items sent to a loved one who is away.

    ‘Mom just came by here with a care package.’
    • ‘She was there in Curtis Park here in Denver for a community service morning where they were packing up care packages for military families.’
    • ‘She also makes sure the soldiers themselves have care packages.’
    • ‘In my almost 12 months of deployment here, I have learned a lot about care packages.’
    • ‘Friends of mine who are involved in the peace movement sent care packages.’
    • ‘Perhaps you two could even make each other a care package.’
    • ‘Today, we are packing up care packages to send overseas.’
    • ‘Anyhow, got downtown, did some shopping for a care package, then went into work.’
    • ‘George came by with a food care package from his mother this afternoon.’
    • ‘Also, the first of the care packages from Laura arrived today!’
    • ‘Included in a gratefully received care package was the above book.’
    • ‘She sent my unit 4 huge care packages, over a hundred dollars in just postage!’
    • ‘I've had little care packages from friends which is always nice.’
    • ‘Instead of calling mom for a care package or eating out, try your hand at making your own.’
    • ‘We even see a sample care package sent by a freed African American woman in the North to her enslaved kin.’
    • ‘A few moments later a care package arrived from Percy, complete with a crew of yard hands.’
    • ‘She has her care package ready for the next move.’
    • ‘Have a care package or note already waiting for him on the first day.’
    • ‘Create a care package for a friend who recently got a new job.’
    • ‘I think Bill has a backup plan — mail it to Frank in a care package.’


1940s from CARE, an acronym from the initial letters of Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, a relief organization which arranged aid packages after the Second World War.