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  • In a casual or reckless way; inattentively.

    ‘roadsides are full of litter thrown carelessly by passers-by’
    • ‘he replied carelessly’
    • ‘Users of hands-free phones still risk prosecution for driving carelessly or recklessly.’
    • ‘Even under the existing system of land taxation, the fertility of the soil has been carelessly exploited.’
    • ‘Like many human things, globalization can often be just downright unfair or carelessly vicious.’
    • ‘Bikini-clad boaters at midnight carelessly spill red wine overboard.’
    • ‘A few of the authors transliterated carelessly, even incorrectly, into a sort of pidgin German.’
    • ‘I hold up the totem, then carelessly push it back across the table.’
    • ‘Electricians know you can get killed by carelessly putting one or more of your appendages in the wrong place at the wrong time.’
    • ‘Do not carelessly discard receipts from card transactions.’
    • ‘Loose lips sink ships, but so do carelessly managed documents.’
    • ‘He was exposed heavily and carelessly to wood dust at a time when it was known that such exposures had the potential to cause cancer.’



/ˈkerləslē/ /ˈkɛrləsli/