Definition of carhop in English:



North American informal, dated
  • A waiter or waitress at a drive-in restaurant.

    • ‘By switching, in 1948, to what the McDonald brothers called ‘Speedee Service’ - which involved eliminating carhops, dishes, and the like - they were able to lower their costs, and thus the prices they charged.’
    • ‘At this joint, customers pulled up under the long awning stretched across the parking lot and waited for one of the carhops to come out and take the order.’
    • ‘Long before there were fast-food drive-thrus, there were carhops slinging chili dogs and orange shakes at The Varsity, which opened in 1928 and now has four locations around town.’
    • ‘It's still there today, like a 1950s postcard from California, with carhops still taking curb-side orders for burgers, fries and those heavenly chilled mugs of root beer.’
    server, waitress, stewardess, steward, attendant