Definition of caring profession in English:

caring profession


  • A job that involves taking care of other people, such as nursing, teaching, or social work.

    ‘The defendant has been involved in the caring profession for a number of years.’
    • ‘The event, which starts at 9.45 am, is open to members of the medical or caring profession.’
    • ‘The essence of such a caring profession must be a real concern for the human being.’
    • ‘We've already seen the caring professions wrecked by a ridiculous emphasis on spurious academic qualifications.’
    • ‘The caring profession shows the least likelihood of caring for its own.’
    • ‘How can that happen among staff who are part of a caring profession?’
    • ‘The Institute is committed to providing a broad range of courses to those in the caring professions, he stressed.’
    • ‘At the same time legislation is vital in order to empower the caring profession to do just that.’
    • ‘The main mistake is the classic one for many people in the caring professions.’
    • ‘They are members of the congregation, largely drawn from the caring professions, who have been trained to help at times like this.’
    • ‘The National Diploma in Applied Social Studies (Social Care) is the recognised diploma qualification for people who want to work in the caring profession.’
    • ‘The caring professions, especially for mental problems, are important activities under this rubric.’
    • ‘Unfortunately our study was skewed in age distribution and wasn't deployed in the caring professions.’
    • ‘I told him of my very close ties with my family, and how I had educated my self in a very caring profession.’
    • ‘It also helps them to gain work experience and qualifications for university, employment or caring professions.’
    • ‘As a caring profession, it joins medicine, dentistry and teaching in attracting more female students than male.’
    • ‘We have no problem recognising the benefits from the good work done by ordinary people paid and unpaid, especially in the caring professions and occupations.’
    • ‘For those in the caring professions, the impact of daily encounters with suffering may have an impact on personal assumptions about life's meaning, he said.’
    • ‘Clergy are people in a caring profession and as a result we offer care to these people.’
    • ‘Paradoxically in the caring professions, these people try to ameliorate their needs at the expense of colleagues and patients.’