Definition of carious in English:


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  • (of bones or teeth) decayed.

    ‘Treatment includes an oral examination, cleaning, topical fluoride application, restoration of carious teeth, pulp therapy, and, when necessary, tooth extraction.’
    • ‘Practitioners were skilled in restoring carious teeth with gold and replacing missing teeth with false ones.’
    • ‘Discoloration of a single tooth is usually because the tooth is non-vital, heavily filled, or carious.’
    • ‘Regular dental examinations with early treatment of carious lesions can substantially reduce the risk of serious complications.’
    • ‘Treatment involves removal of the carious tissue and placement of a dental restoration, or filling.’
    decaying, decayed, crumbling, carious, black



/ˈkeriəs/ /ˈkɛrɪəs/


Mid 16th century from Latin cariosus (see caries).