Definition of carnal knowledge in English:

carnal knowledge

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dated Law
  • Sexual intercourse.

    ‘In an innovative shift, Hurston replaces the legendary tree of knowledge, the apple tree, with an arguably more fitting symbol of the acquisition of carnal knowledge and sexual experience, the pear tree.’
    • ‘The applicant was charged with a number of other counts involving allegations of carnal knowledge and assault during an earlier period, and he was convicted of some of those counts.’
    • ‘Before revision of the state laws in 1813, rape was defined as ‘unlawful and carnal knowledge of a woman, by force, and against her will.’’
    • ‘Cases of unlawful carnal knowledge were also down 6%.’
    • ‘We need to reinforce the laws governing underage sex, carnal knowledge and the age of consent.’
    sexual intercourse, sex, lovemaking, making love, sex act, act of love, sexual relations, intimate relations, intimacy, coupling, mating, going to bed with someone, sleeping with someone


carnal knowledge

/ˈkärnl ˈnäləj/ /ˈkɑrnl ˈnɑlədʒ/