Definition of carousel in English:


(also carrousel)

Pronunciation /ˌkerəˈsel/ /ˌkɛrəˈsɛl/

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  • 1North American A merry-go-round.

    ‘You've got elephants, giraffes, carousels and merry go-rounds.’
    • ‘Swing boats, carousels, inflatable sumo wrestlers and rodeo-style bucking broncos are among a host of rides booked.’
    • ‘Children will be able to enjoy a bouncy castle and a carousel.’
    • ‘In 1916 Elitch's was sold, and amusement rides including the carousel, a Tilt-a-Wheel, and roller coaster were added.’
    • ‘The opening, where the stage is apparently bare and then transforms into the carousel and fairground, is a magical effect and was, itself, well worth the price of admission.’
    • ‘When the Gardens opened in 1843, visitors had a choice of two amusements - a horse-drawn carousel and a roller coaster.’
    • ‘The show takes you back to childhood: the excitement of the fairground carousel, the tantalising mysteries of the circus tent.’
    • ‘The Kit Carson County carousel is just one of five historic wood carousels left in Colorado.’
    • ‘I worked the carousel and the bumper cars and the Tilt-A-Whirl.’
    • ‘Today there are only 26 Denzel carousels left, of which 14 are still in operation.’
    • ‘The largest piece of art was a working carousel that blew bubbles and was festooned with fake animals, flowers and ribbons - literally a maypole come to life.’
    • ‘A cement disk sat where a carousel had been yanked out.’
    • ‘The original carousel opened in 1871 and was powered by a blind mule and a horse which walked a treadmill in an underground pit.’
    • ‘Nick soon becomes a multi-millionaire, purchasing everything from his own golf course to a carousel.’
    • ‘The entrance area features an authentic 1950s diner still in operation and an antique carousel.’
    • ‘The carousel was just a few feet from the wide front door of the store, which people traveling through the mall passed by all day long.’
    • ‘Clyde's voice cut through the din of shouts and laughter coming from the carousel and Ferris wheel.’
    • ‘Along with his staff of woodworkers, metalworkers, mechanics, and painters, he restores antique carousels, including the San Francisco Zoo's 1921 Dentzel.’
    • ‘Paris, to them, turns out to be all parks, games, balloons, and carousels.’
    • ‘Of all of the carousels I've seen, the one in Missoula, Montana, impressed me the most.’
    merry-go-round, carousel
  • 2A rotating machine or device, in particular a conveyor system at an airport from which arriving passengers collect their luggage.

    ‘they were waiting for their luggage to appear on the carousel at Heathrow airport’
    • ‘‘It's the same technology you see used in luggage carousels at airports,’ says Healy.’
    • ‘One of her bags did not arrive on the luggage carousel.’
    • ‘On closer inspection it seemed more like luggage abandoned on an airport carousel by someone too embarrassed to collect it.’
    • ‘After they landed at 8.48 am, a small number of bags arrived on the carousel but the vast majority of the passengers had to wait for up to two hours for their cases.’
    • ‘When you are on a story, you need to hit the ground running, and don't have time to wait around at those infuriating baggage carousels at airports.’
    • ‘Have you ever wondered why the baggage carousels at Gatwick Airport rotate anti-clockwise?’
    • ‘I watched the carousel at Lisbon Airport go round and round but my kit never appeared.’
    • ‘The same material comes round again and again like unclaimed baggage on an airport carousel.’
    • ‘She pondered her plan while she stood at the luggage carousel and stared blankly at the conveyor.’
    • ‘Given the round of check-in desks, luggage carousels and hotel lobbies that make up much of her job, such confusion could be forgiven.’
    • ‘Predictably, he discovered on arrival at 6.15 on Wednesday night that, while his golf clubs were whirling round the carousel, his luggage had been lost en route.’
    • ‘I'm the guy whose bag hits the luggage carousel last.’
    • ‘There was a long wait for the bags to arrive on the carousel.’
    • ‘There are no airport taxes, hidden surcharges or stress locating luggage on the carousel.’
    • ‘She stumbles off the escalator and is swept along with the crowd of Asian businessmen and tourists towards the luggage carousel.’
    • ‘I stand by the luggage carousel waiting for my suitcase and a very large cardboard box.’
    • ‘Shifting through the sea of limbs and muddled legs, the young man found his way to the luggage carousel and watched carefully for his duffel bag.’
    • ‘She turned and started walking to where the luggage carousel was.’
    • ‘Mez pointed to the luggage carousel on the other side of the room.’
    • ‘He was waiting near the baggage carousel with his luggage next to him.’
  • 3historical A tournament in which groups of knights took part in chariot races and other demonstrations of equestrian skills.


Mid 17th century from French carrousel, from Italian carosello.