Definition of carry a torch for in English:

carry a torch for


  • Suffer from unrequited love for.

    ‘she's obviously still carrying a torch for Charlie’
    • ‘Catherine discovers she still carries a torch for her old love, but that's only one of the complications as Catherine deals with past hurts and potential romance.’
    • ‘He knew that Steven still carried a torch for his former love.’
    • ‘A few months later I fell in love with this friend and carried a torch for him for years, but he would never have me (the nerve).’
    • ‘I can really relate to the title character, as I know what it's like to carry a torch for someone and have those affections go unrequited.’
    • ‘Old flames often have a way of reappearing just when you're carrying a torch for someone new.’
    • ‘The midfielder is not exactly carrying a torch for his old manager but, for all the woe in his time in Scotland, he says he was a fan and still is.’
    • ‘Bulloch's time may be up with Scotland, but he plans to continue carrying a torch for the national game.’
    • ‘A secret asset of New York City is that it houses thousands of sweet people who carry a torch for classic pop culture; they are curators by vocation if not by career.’
    • ‘John continued to carry a torch for my mom, though, even three years into her marriage, and after I was born.’
    • ‘I will always carry a torch for classy early 80s shop-girl funk like this.’
    • ‘Nowadays, those who still carry a torch for this composer cut down in his prime fondly call him SCT.’
    • ‘Throughout the series, Carrie carries a torch for the smoothly elegant, rich, and powerful businessman, but he is a man who ‘won't commit.’’
    • ‘Will's fiancée Fi still loves him, but has taken up with Rob, an American soldier; Henry, we soon realise, also carries a torch for Fi.’
    • ‘Just as he still carries a torch for the gladioli-strewing hero of his adolescence, Maxwell doesn't quite seem ready to grow up.’
    • ‘Maybe the mother still carries a torch for her child's father and is jealous of his new woman.’
    • ‘But while the old peace movement carried a torch for Britain, today's protesters are defined by their lack of faith in Britain's political leaders and institutions.’
    • ‘English poet Wordsworth carried a torch for his sister Dorothy.’
    • ‘I carried a torch for that guy for years and should he read this he would know who he is!’
    • ‘Because you're literally and figuratively always carrying a torch for me, silly.’
    • ‘As it turns out, Aaron wasn't the only person to have been carrying a torch for Laura.’