Definition of carry-out in English:



  • Denoting or relating to prepared food or drink bought from a restaurant or shop to be consumed elsewhere.

    ‘they offer carry-out pizza by the slice’
    ‘I placed a carry-out order over the phone’
    ‘guests can eat in or get a carry-out dinner’
    • ‘When she arrived in this country aged 55, she had to work in a carry-out restaurant, chopping vegetables, packing up meals, washing dishes.’
    • ‘I seldom choose to spend my free time cooking and instead eat at restaurants or order carry-out on most nights.’
    • ‘The company operates three different models - a sit-down and buffet restaurant, a delivery / carry-out model and a convenience store unit.’
    • ‘If they ban it in pubs, I will just have to get carry-outs and drink at home.’
    • ‘Far from being honoured by their offspring they feel as if they are tolerated, if only because they put Chinese carry-outs on the table and designer labels on their backs.’
    • ‘Linda Campbell, who lives with her two daughters in a nearby block of flats, says she tries to buy fruit and vegetables but resorts to carry-outs up to three times a week.’
    • ‘Alyth wasn't sure who the others were, but they had all brought carry-outs from the local store.’
    • ‘Buy a carry-out meal for a stranger who needs it’
    • ‘I used to wait till darkness came in, then I'd go across the road and get a carry-out.’
    • ‘When she returned she brought not only her report, rather less pathetic-looking than it had been, but also a cup of carry-out tea, to fortify her for the afternoon.’
    • ‘The place was doing a little carry-out business, too.’
    • ‘Julia had gotten home late from work, and was on the couch with carry-out sushi, talking back to the news and gesturing with her chopsticks.’
    • ‘Mom stepped in, juggling her bag and the carry-out box from Olive Garden.’
    • ‘They would have to order carry-out because of her delay, she knew, but her stomach had long ago turned sour.’
    • ‘We made enough money to buy a carry-out on the way home.’
    • ‘I can't afford to hire one of those chefs who cooks in your home, and I think a Chinese carry-out might be a dead giveaway.’
    • ‘It began when I got a call, on Saturday to collect a carry-out from the Hermitage Bar on Canal Street and deliver it to a female customer's house.’
    • ‘The trash can was overflowing with styrofoam coffee cups and greasy fast food carry-out bags.’
    • ‘He arrived at his girlfriend's flat, clutching an Indian carry-out and a can of Iru Bru.’
    • ‘Late one cold night on an uptown A train, a homeless man sat quietly eating his dinner from a aluminum carry-out plate.’


  • 1A meal or dish that is prepared and sold by a restaurant or shop to be eaten elsewhere.

    ‘call ahead if you order a carry-out, because it might take 45 minutes to prepare’
    mass noun ‘we got carry-out from here and I really enjoyed the veggie burger’
    1. 1.1A restaurant or shop selling prepared food to be eaten elsewhere.
      ‘we planned to get breakfast from a carry-out along North Avenue’