Definition of carve someone up in English:

carve someone up

phrasal verb

  • 1Slash someone with a knife or other sharp object.

    • ‘Actually, his relatives seem more interested in carving her up with a knife - and Daniel along with her.’
    • ‘I'll go straight to wherever you're lying, asleep, and use that knife to carve you up.’
    • ‘They're standing out there with long knives, waiting to carve you up and you had to justify everything you said.’
    • ‘One never knows what'll trigger a guy to pull a knife and carve you up a bit.’
    • ‘Does he ever worry he's been hired by a lunatic who has plans to carve him up into little pieces before the night is through?’
    • ‘I'm not gonna stick around waiting for him to get bored and carve me up.’
  • 2Drive aggressively into the path of another driver while overtaking.

    ‘I had to carve up a Volvo in order to follow him’
    • ‘It's the online equivalent to blowing a whistle down the phone line when dealing with nuisance calls - or chasing a motorist for five miles after they've carved you up.’
    • ‘Next came a man who carved me up somewhere near Regent's Park in London.’