Definition of Casanova, Giovanni Jacopo in English:

Casanova, Giovanni Jacopo

proper noun

  • 1(1725–98), Italian adventurer; full name Giovanni Jacopo Casanova de Seingalt. He is famous for his memoirs describing his sexual encounters and other exploits.

    1. 1.1as noun usually a CasanovaA man notorious for seducing women.
      • ‘‘I myself used to be a Casanova - I was such a womaniser’, one youth told an evaluator.’
      • ‘It's about a local Casanova who seduces one American tourist each summer until he makes the mistake of falling in love.’
      • ‘I think women have evolved; you get female Casanovas and male Casanovas.’
      • ‘Will Henry be damned for being a Casanova and cad who ended up loved by a beautiful woman?’
      • ‘If I play it cool, will she think I'm a self-obsessed Casanova, looking for a back-alley love affair?’
      • ‘In contrast to these latter day Casanovas only 14% of women said they would happily sleep with someone else if they knew they could get away with it.’
      • ‘Personally I've met a few Casanovas that I've liked, and a few that I haven't. And I hope to meet a few more.’
      • ‘But beware, Casanovas: there is a strong incentive to behave honourably - your history is in the database for others to inspect.’
      • ‘Whitbread Pub Partnerships researchers say aspiring Casanovas are best sticking to complimentary and polite ice-breakers.’
      • ‘But what the budding Casanovas don't know is that the women are actually actresses who have been hired to teach our arrogant trio a lesson.’
      • ‘I can't reveal his real name, for obvious reasons, but it's fair to say he was, and still is Scotland's Casanova.’
      philanderer, ladies' man, playboy, rake, roué, loose-liver, Don Juan, Lothario, Casanova, Romeo


Casanova, Giovanni Jacopo

/ˌkasəˈnəʊvə/ /ˌkazəˈnəʊvə/