Definition of case-sensitive in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkāsˈsensədiv/ /ˌkeɪsˈsɛnsədɪv/

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  • 1(of a program or function) differentiating between capital and lowercase letters.

    ‘you can restrict the extent of the search by making it case-sensitive’
    • ‘Today's search engines are not case-sensitive; therefore I generally use initial caps in this tag because it looks the cleanest.’
    • ‘If it were me, knowing that most stuff in UNIX is case-sensitive, and knowing that host names are case-insensitive, I'd probably think you meant " lclint ’, in which case I would be pretty frustrated if I tried to access that web site.’
    • ‘For example, the search commands are normally case-sensitive; to change this use the: set ignorecase or: set ic option.’
    • ‘We must be on the only server that has case-sensitive URLs.’
    • ‘It has a built-in advanced password generator, which randomly chooses a case-sensitive combination of characters.’
    1. 1.1(of input) treated differently depending on whether it is in capitals or lowercase text.
      ‘function names are now case-sensitive’
      • ‘XML is a case-sensitive language so ‘findwithinradius ‘is NOT the same as ‘findWithinRadius‘.’
      • ‘Passwords are typically case-sensitive, so a strong password contains letters in both uppercase and lowercase.’