Definition of case shot in English:

case shot


  • Bullets or pieces of metal in an iron case fired from a cannon.

    ‘However, most troops remained loyal to Nicholas and a force outnumbering the 3,000 rebels four to one now appeared, armed with artillery firing case-shot.’
    • ‘From the calibre of those we recover we can tell whether they were fired by musketeers, cavalry, dragoons or possibly, from the surface damage on them, as ‘case-shot’ from artillery pieces.’
    • ‘Compared to canister, case-shot projectiles had a greater effective range when used as an anti-personnel weapon.’
    • ‘This 3.67 inch Read-Parrott case-shot shell is the short pattern type and was fired from a 20 - Pounder Parrott rifle, 3.67’ caliber.’


case shot

/kās SHät/ /keɪs ʃɑt/