Definition of cash in in English:

cash in

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phrasal verb

  • 1 informal Take advantage of or exploit a situation.

    • ‘the breweries were cashing in on the rediscovered taste for real ales’
    • ‘Or do you, like me, feel exploited by big institutions cashing in on the phenomenon?’
    • ‘The oil companies stress they cannot cash in this profit because they have to replenish stocks.’
    • ‘Even the city's Resistance Museum is cashing in on the orgy of national pride with its exhibit on Rembrandt in second world war propaganda.’
    • ‘No wonder the teeny cosmetics market is cashing in, targeting their lip-gloss and nail polish at increasingly younger kids.’
    • ‘Their offspring may have to become clerks in the shopping markets instead of cashing in on the reputation of their parents.’
    • ‘Children constitute a large and attractive market segment and the broadcasting industry is cashing in on that.’
    • ‘These problems haven't stopped the contractors fighting over the Railtrack maintenance budget from cashing in.’
    • ‘Supermarkets have been accused of cashing in on the organic food boom by misleading consumers over Scottish salmon.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it was the studio that was cashing in on the popularity.’
    • ‘The university, students and local community council have all accused the hotel owners of cashing in on the royal connection.’
    • ‘To a certain extent, he's cashing in on the latest literary fad.’
    • ‘He doesn't make any apologies, however, about cashing in on the pink dollar.’
    • ‘The Delhi Metro is also hopeful of cashing in on its growing popularity.’
    • ‘Pirates have been cashing in on the time lag in the film's release by showing illegal copies of the movies in small towns.’
    • ‘It is true - not only are the hotels cashing in, but the local rental market is booming.’
    • ‘It made him smile and he smiled all the way to the bank, cashing in on his fake war experiences to get himself a name.’
    • ‘The hysteria around the idea that we are swamped with illegal refugees cashing in on our natural benevolence is mounting daily.’
    • ‘The shop branched out to include sports clothing as well as trainers and soon he was cashing in on an unlikely new rage for casual sportswear.’
    • ‘At present I really do think this hybrid idea is just a case of Toyota and Lexus cashing in on the lunacy of the environmental movement.’
    • ‘Fraudsters and scam artists are cashing in on the generosity of the public according to Trading Standard officials.’
    take advantage of, turn to one's advantage, exploit
  • 2cash something in, cash in somethingConvert an insurance policy, savings account, or other investment into money.

    • ‘hundreds of savers cashed in their investments’