Definition of cast about (or around or round) in English:

cast about (or around or round)

phrasal verb

  • Search far and wide (physically or mentally)

    ‘he is restlessly casting about for novelties’
    • ‘I know it is completely unrealistic, because formally I am not searching, I cast about with my eyes.’
    • ‘A biographer in search of a subject must usually cast about among people who have achieved something.’
    • ‘And, if one casts around the world today, one notices the two powers with the worst prospects are the ones most advanced in their post-religiosity.’
    • ‘He casts around for an answer but they would all have to start with ‘I am ‘and he just can't do it.’
    • ‘When the town casts around for someone to blame Vernon is the best available candidate.’
    • ‘He champions what looks suspiciously like a lost cause, courts clubs who have no sympathy for his plight and casts about for players who don't exist.’
    • ‘The American obsession with dieting dates back to 1961, when a housewife who was seriously obese began casting around for diets.’
    • ‘Following the phenomenal success of both The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, writer/director Stephen Sommers was casting around for a change of pace.’
    • ‘While I've been casting around for reasons to undergo blood transfusions, my father took the time to become genuinely ill.’
    • ‘This is an exciting prospect for someone who's casting around for something to do when her contract's up.’