Definition of casuistic in English:


Pronunciation /kazjʊˈɪstɪk/ /kaʒjʊˈɪstɪk/


See casuist

  • ‘This is pretty legalistic reasoning, which many people may - rightly or wrongly - consider casuistic to the point of silliness.’
  • ‘She thus tries to cover herself with a casuistic distinction that breaks down the moment you try to analyse what she means.’
  • ‘The students seem drawn to its clarity and concreteness, and there is no shortage of casuistic questions concerning its intricacies.’
  • ‘The appropriate response will not be found in a casuistic literature, or at least in a formalized casuistic approach.’



/kazjʊˈɪstɪk/ /kaʒjʊˈɪstɪk/