Definition of cat scratch fever in English:

cat scratch fever


(also cat scratch disease)
  • An infectious disease occurring after a scratch by a cat's claw, a splinter, or a thorn. Symptoms include mild fever and inflammation of the injury site and of the lymph glands.

    ‘In some cases, inflamed lymph nodes may be a sign of more serious diseases, such as tuberculosis, rabbit fever, cat scratch disease and sexually transmitted diseases.’
    • ‘Central irregular hyperechogenic areas, blurred margins and central necrosis were most frequent in bacterial, tuberculous and cat scratch disease.’
    • ‘All of these complications of cat scratch disease usually resolve without any lasting illness.’
    • ‘Having one episode of cat scratch disease usually makes people immune for the rest of their lives.’
    • ‘Then, Pines and Grove islanders came down with something diagnosed as cat scratch fever - later referred to as AIDS - and died.’


cat scratch fever

/kat skraCH ˈfēvər/ /kæt skrætʃ ˈfivər/