Definition of catamenia in English:


Pronunciation /katəˈmēnēə/ /kætəˈminiə/


  • Blood and other matter discharged from the uterus at menstruation.

    ‘After delivery, the lochia continue to flow for a longer time than the true catamenia.’
    • ‘Females exposed to cold or undergoing powerful excitements, experience a suppression of the catamenia.’
    • ‘I am of opinion that, if the general health were perfectly good, the cessation of the catamenia would always be accomplished naturally.’
    • ‘The deficiency of the catamenia in these cases may be looked upon as incurable.’
    • ‘Girls rarely conceive before the catamenia appear.’
    period, menstrual cycle


Mid 18th century Greek, neuter plural form of katamēnios ‘monthly’, from kata ‘down’ + mēn ‘month’ see -ia.