Definition of catchment in English:



  • 1The action of collecting water, especially the collection of rainfall over a natural drainage area.

    ‘water catchment continues the whole year round’
    • ‘Maasai have complained that settlement in the drought-prone area by Kipsigis has harmed water catchment for the Ewaso Nyiro river, which the Maasai use to water their cattle.’
    • ‘Since we were unable to reach the villages upstream, we cannot establish whether the river had water catchment or storage facilities upstream.’
    • ‘My job was to assess the water flows and catchment yields of these various areas, so I know them well.’
    • ‘Our experience with the lakes restoration project in Bangalore last year has proved that cleaning and desilting of large reservoirs improves catchment and water storage capacities.’
    • ‘As delighted as I am to see proper little homes being built at the informal settlement, I am struck by the lack of provision for water catchment.’
    • ‘We supply our own water catchment in tanks, from springs and dams.’
    • ‘With a spigot and carefully fit top and screen, wooden wine barrels and recycled food-grade plastic barrels also can be made into water catchment devices.’
    • ‘Large areas of the rock are covered in concrete for catchment which is then channelled into huge underground reservoirs.’
    • ‘Owen, who also helps with the construction, says the catchment will have a water filtration system.’
  • 2

    short for catchment area



/ˈkaCHmənt/ /ˈkætʃmənt/