Definition of catena in English:


nouncatenae, catenas

  • 1technical A connected series or chain.

    ‘Since then catenas have been recognized in a variety of areas and under a variety of climatic conditions, an indication of the strength of the relationship between soil and topography.’
    ‘Equation 2, though derived for the growth of cells, may be used to conceptualize how water transport from selected points along the soil - stem - leaf catena affects the growth of leaves.’
    1. 1.1A connected series of texts written by early Christian theologians.
      ‘5 This verse was also used in the previous sermon as one of the quotations in the catena of Scripture referred to.’
      ‘Finally, in ‘The Law of the Spirit,’ Newman, again using 6: 11 in a catena of verses, unabashedly declares the inward transformation of the sinner; we are made righteous.’


Mid 17th century from Latin, ‘chain’, originally in catena patrum ‘chain of the (Church) Fathers’.