Definition of cathartically in English:



See cathartic

‘There are beautiful quiet passages (including a surprisingly restrained Jaco solo) and tracks that just build and build until they just explode cathartically.’
  • ‘I at least hope I have convinced you that my mom is a headcase and look forward to cathartically yet necessarily reviewing the insanity of my father next Saturday.’
  • ‘The secret to a successful relocation is knowing what to honestly expect so you can laugh cathartically when the inevitable bizarre scenarios emerge.’
  • ‘The novel ends when all the women cathartically destroy the wall that has cut them off from the rest of the city - and from their chances for better lives.’
  • ‘Not so much softening us up for us, but giving us a sense of what it might mean as a speculative future to observe and in some ways cathartically live through that process.’