Definición de cathedra en Español:


Pronunciación /kəˈTHēdrə/ /kəˈθidrə/


  • 1A seat, specifically the chair of a bishop in his church.

    So important is the Decalogue that it is given prominence by placing it in the chancel facing the altar, where the Eucharist is celebrated and the cathedra, the chair of the bishop, is found.; The main church containing the cathedra was usually accompanied by subsidiary buildings set within a close, the whole being termed a cathedral.; The cathedra [the bishop's chair], with its multiple woods and craftsman aesthetic, does not set up a dialectic between forms but rather feels alien.; Although cathedrals are often immensely scaled and ornate in design, the term ‘cathedral ‘does not in fact refer to an elaborate sacred structure; rather it is derived from the Latin word cathedra (throne).’; Now he has stepped down from his cathedra into the public arena.
  • 2A bishop's see.



/kəˈTHēdrə/ /kəˈθidrə/