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  • Resembling a cat in appearance, action, or character, especially by moving gracefully or stealthily.

    ‘Marianne crossed the room with her usual catlike grace’
    • ‘One of them has feathered wings, another a catlike appearance complete with a triangular nose and furry black tail, three have webbed fingers and gold, slitted eyes.’
    • ‘He sometimes has the hip-shake, but never that lovely, slinky, catlike sexual menace we see here, that seductive creep.’
    • ‘Why is it that excessive plastic surgery always makes the victim appear catlike?’
    • ‘She nimbly dodged the falling rocks with catlike grace.’
    • ‘The boy approached him with the same swift catlike grace of a jaguar on the hunt.’
    • ‘Though their sleek torsos and short, limber legs may seem catlike, civet cats aren't really felines.’
    • ‘He breathed deeply before springing, catlike and graceful.’
    • ‘Its muzzle and ears were catlike and it slunk down the street with feline grace and fluidity.’
    • ‘She claims the kitten is just like her previous one, saying it loves water and jumped right into her bath, not very catlike.’
    • ‘She has a catlike face with high, wide cheekbones, slanted brown eyes and full lips drawn around a small mouth.’
    • ‘Amanda Barrett describes her months on the plains with the elusive caracal - the sleekest, most elegant and most catlike cat of all.’
    • ‘Thereafter, she begins to exhibit catlike abilities, and chooses to use these for the good of mankind, revenge, and stealing a few trinkets.’
    • ‘Lisa slipped catlike from the car, removing her jacket.’
    • ‘The light from the cigarette made his eyes glow in an eerie, unsettling fashion, causing the pupils to glow a strange, catlike yellow.’
    • ‘‘I don't know what you see in me,’ Helena says, stretching lazy and catlike on her warm bed beside him.’
    • ‘He landed catlike on the lawn, making no sound at all.’
    • ‘Female heads turn to follow your every catlike move.’
    • ‘It was also home to animals that preyed on lemurs, among them the large, catlike fossa, which I was to encounter many times.’
    • ‘I looked from one intently interested catlike face to another, suddenly embarrassed about how the confession would sound to them.’
    • ‘He just stared into me with those turquoise, catlike eyes of his.’
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/ˈkatlīk/ /ˈkætlaɪk/