Definition of cattle duffing in English:

cattle duffing


mass nounAustralian
  • Theft of cattle.

    ‘two men face charges of cattle duffing’
    • ‘Apart from keeping the peace between the Aborigines and the few white settlers, the main problem the constables had to deal with was cattle duffing by both Aborigines and white men.’
    • ‘There is an amusing story, probably apocryphal, about a trial for cattle duffing in Queensland in the 1800's.’
    • ‘His life of crime began with horse stealing and cattle duffing and he soon turned to bushranging in 1861.’
    • ‘Their gang, the Jerrabat Gully Rakers were regarded as scientists in the art of cattle duffing and horse stealing.’
    • ‘In the 1850's he turned to cattle duffing and later to horse stealing which he found more profitable than droving.’
    • ‘Gardiner was trained as a butcher, but supplemented this income with horse-thievery and cattle duffing.’
    • ‘It did not pay the police to lag a guilty man, for if it had not been for cattle duffing and bushranging these police would have to go about begging.’
    • ‘It is claimed that the Strzelecki Track was pioneered by Harry Redford's famous exercise in cattle duffing which started near Muttaburra in western Queensland.’
    • ‘The songs about cattle duffing may help to fill out the picture of the war for land between poverty stricken free selectors and wealthy graziers.’
    • ‘This is a story of cattle duffing, harassment, arson, corruption and bent police.’
    • ‘I know we had a lot of cattle duffing years ago and the Government was a tad shady in those days but I think we have cleaned up our act now.’
    • ‘And cattle duffing is a thing of the past.’
    • ‘Then in 1862 a mob of cattle from Yarram ‘found its way’ to remote Sandy Point, no doubt a good place to carry out cattle duffing operations.’
    • ‘At the turn of the 19th century during their infamous horse stealing and cattle duffing careers, the brothers lived and camped near Kenniff Cave which now perpetuates their name.’
    • ‘PJ meets his match when an old flame comes to town to solve a cattle duffing problem.’
    • ‘Ensure your stock are healthy and protected against cattle duffing.’
    • ‘I am entering Captain Starlight territory (alias the maverick drover Harry Redford), where his infamous trial for cattle duffing was held in the Roma courthouse.’
    • ‘It was not long before they were involved in horse stealing and cattle duffing.’


Mid 19th century duffing from duffer.


cattle duffing