Definition of cattle station in English:

cattle station


Australian, New Zealand
  • A very large farm on which cattle are raised.

    ‘their home is a million-acre cattle station in inland Western Australia’
    • ‘Just opposite the hotel is Anna Creek, the world's largest cattle station.’
    • ‘The film, yet to be titled, takes place on a cattle station in the outback.’
    • ‘We met Sam, who lives on a cattle station in South Australia.’
    • ‘The family's pragmatic response to the loss of their cattle station has been a great gain for travellers.’
    • ‘He manages a highly successful cattle station on the border, for the Aboriginal community.’
    • ‘There are cattle stations in Australia which have areas exceeding 600 square kilometres.’
    • ‘Letters like the one she sent her mum from Australia, where she was working on a cattle station, don't exactly help.’
    • ‘There are supposed to be no activities other than grazing on cattle stations, without the consent of the Pastoral Board.’
    • ‘He's gone out to Australia to this cattle station in the middle of Queensland.’
    • ‘During that safari, I learned of a cattle station for sale "just down the road" from where we camped.’