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(also lesser celandine)
  • A common plant of the buttercup family that produces yellow flowers in the early spring, reproducing either by seed or by bulbils at the base of the stems.

    Ranunculus ficaria, family Ranunculaceae

    ‘Spring flowers which can be spotted in the wood at this time of year include the yellow celandine, marsh marigold and wood anemone (also known as wind flower).’
    • ‘Spring flowers - celandines, primroses, violets, wood anemones - were followed by pyramid and early purple orchids, wild thyme and rockrose.’
    • ‘A member of the poppy family, the celandine plant is distinct for its golden yellow flower and bright orange milky juice.’
    • ‘Palmatine is a constituent of many of these plants, which include goldthread, yellow root, Oregon grape, celandine, and barberry.’
    • ‘Verges were yellow and white with celandine and stitchwort.’



/ˈselənˌdēn/ /ˈsɛlənˌdin/ /ˈselənˌdīn/ /ˈsɛlənˌdaɪn/


Middle English, from Old French celidoine, from medieval Latin celidonia, based on Greek khelidōn ‘swallow’ (the flowering of the plant being associated with the arrival of swallows).