Definition of cementation in English:



mass noun
  • 1The binding together of particles or other things by cement.

    • ‘Trace fossils are concentrated towards the base of the member, where preferential cementation of the bioturbation has resulted in prominent erosion-resistant horizons.’
    • ‘Rocks in intermediate-burial settings experience chemical compaction as well as subsurface cementation and dissolution.’
    • ‘The preponderance of early cementation and brecciation (in thin beds) towards the top of the Langport Member is compatible with reduced sedimentation rate (resulting from deepening and sediment starvation).’
    • ‘Quartz cementation of siliciclastic successions can develop at moderate burial depths and continue with increasing depth and temperature.’
    • ‘They can also be deformed by the uneven action of cementation or other chemical reactions, and modified by the activity of organisms moving over or on them, producing trace fossils.’
  • 2Metallurgy
    A process of altering a metal by heating it in contact with a powdered solid.

    • ‘Steel of a sort was made by the Hittite smiths, by hammering and heating the iron in contact with charcoal: a process called cementation.’
    • ‘By the 1st century BC brass coins were being minted using a method akin to the cementation process - a means of producing brass from copper and zinc ore in a crucible.’
    • ‘Standard Wrought Iron bars were placed in the Cementation Furnace for conversion into Cementation or Blister Steel.’